I wish to commune with you today for the passage of this new 12 months. The cycle of time is something which is on the equal time inexorable and beautiful. The cycle of seasons, stars, the consistent adjustments which can be shaking our lives are all small stones arranged in the direction of our lives to expose us our manner lower back domestic, lower back to the divine endless, that lost paradise that we must claim as it’s far our essential right to return to this nation of grace.

For most of you and as for me, 2019 changed into 12 months of adjustments, a year with many new thoughts which have sprouted and a year for the duration of which life took you off protect occasionally quite brutally. However, those impolite awakening ought to now not be condemned however alternatively venerated. For all of the adjustments and demanding situations that stand are as many opportunities to discover your proper self, to expose the arena and yourself the flame that is living in your coronary heart.

Happy New Year 2020 and Spirituality

When I communicate about spirituality, human beings frequently tell me that it is illogical to believe in a god that might go away many things occurring in the world. Others marvel why life seems to punish them. Usually, in reaction, I smile and sympathize. But I can guarantee you that there is no God who has forsaken you or has been seeking to persecute you. Because all of that would presuppose the life of a God out of doors of you. But God, Allah, Buddha, the Holy Spirit, the Christ awareness that incarnated completely in this guy named Jesus, the Great Spirit of Native Americans, the divine is everywhere and therefore seat at this second in you.

This pressure is natural to love, goodness, endless abundance, unique splendor. It is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and gives up all matters. It is the twinkling stars at night, the fragrance of jasmine at sunrise, the laughter of a toddler, the love that burns within the eyes of a couple, the jump of the eagle, the music of an orca… But it is also the transformation of the body after burial, the explosion of stars, the transformation of autumn leaves that feed the younger all right in the spring…

Traditionally, the Happy New Year Day 2020 wishes a time while we examine the finished 12 months and announce good intentions for the only to return. But unfortunately, at that time we frequently sense guilty and criticize life or God for what we experienced. It is also the time whilst we redrew the map of our goals and our desires by using determining to erase the beyond yr. Early within the new 12 months, it’s miles standard to desire people a brand new beginning. We want humans to begin over and to reap a number of things which have to convey the peace they so desire. I determined to break with tradition and want you 12 months of 2020 in my manner. This will perhaps seem atypical however take it as a sincere token of my love for you, that I know you individually or no longer.

Firstly I desire you’ll no longer neglect 2019. Enjoy that yr with its blessings and its demanding situations. They have formed you and were many opportunities with a view to grow, evolve, circulate ahead for your path. Our eternal souls from the firmament dream our lives simply to make us grow and help us to go back domestic. Take the instance of an amazing athlete who lost a chief opposition. He considers, he learns from his failure, trade his training and then win the subsequent competition. He does now not flip his returned on his past and does now not drown in his distress. So look at the yr 2019 with a 1/2 mile. Thank it for having led you to the beaches of 2020, for it has taught you these classes, it has supported you on your actual quest. Now you could look closer to the destiny with the expertise of enjoying.

Finally, I will desire you one element for the approaching 12 months. Something so treasured that if you have it then, fitness, fabric abundance, bodily love, all this will come naturally to you at a satisfactory time. I wish you may find the affection of the divine in you. I do no longer suggest necessarily which you turn into non-secular as it has not anything to do with it. I am speaking about finding this unconditional love in you, this megastar that shines brightly within the palm of your heart and which will assist you to play your score within the symphony of life.

Happy New Year 2020 and Spirituality

Gandhi stated “if a person reaches the heart of his personal faith, he stands, therefore, within the coronary heart of all of the other religions” (notice: it’s for my very own translation from the French quote). For me, each one’s very own religion is set the way each of you perceives the divine and the limitless in everything, how you may emerge as an expression of this primordial electricity: unconditional love. When you see the way to embrace the divine in the whole thing you then find God, then you meet with your authentic self and you open your eyes in your place within the universe. When you fall in love with the arena, you fall in love with your self and you start the most beautiful of the romances: the one with Creation. Therefore the whole thing you will want to be genuinely happy will seem in the direction you dance.

Finally, I would quote the Psalms 103.1 and 103.2 of David: “Praise the Lord, my soul! All this is inside me, reward his holy call. Praise the Lord, my soul, and never overlook all the suitable he has executed”. For this year 2020, I desire you awaken to the Lord in you, that is to say, the divine being you are. That the whole lot in you and on your existence rejoice and sing your awakening.